Motorstorm Pacific Rift Update Kills Shortcut

Adds badges though...

Posted by Staff
Motorstorm Pacific Rift Update Kills Shortcut
MotorStorm: Pacific Rift's latest update is ready to download and 'fix' your current version of one of the PS3's best games. This is good news.

The update also presents you with the challenge of winning 40 'Microbadges'. This also is good news. More good news comes with some, not detailed, game-play fixes.

But then comes the news that will make some players say, "Oh, dash and blast it!" The fix also removes the handy short-cut in the Sugar Rush track that meant you could cut out the sugar field. Apparently this was not 'intentionally' included. The news gets worse, because the killjoy, hardcore, low-down, dirty dogs at Evolution have removed the respawn on the same track that, according to them, meant you would reappear in a 'generous position'. Bah!

Get it downloaded because we want to challenge for a world record setting endurance MotorStorm session...


Pet RolHed 12 May 2009 19:08
boo. now i'll have to work to win.
415 mb 17 May 2009 08:09
are saying here that I had to download 415 mb of data just to add some "badges" and remove a shortcut ?

wt... I would expect much more than that for the time spent downloading that much !!! like a new track or possibility of racing at night or ....

so disappointing !!!!

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