Championship Manager Gets Touchy-Feely on iPhone

On the App Store now

Posted by Staff
Beautiful Game Studios has sent word that the Championship Manager app is available to download for the iPhone and iPod Touch right now.

The release is developed by Dynamo Games, the mobile dev that handled previous phone-based outings for the prestigious footy management sim.

"The revolutionary capabilities of iPhone and iPod touch make it a compelling platform and we have designed the Championship Manager gameplay specifically for theses (sic) devices", uttered Roy Meredith, general manager of Championship Manager. The word "excited" closely followed that statement...

The game costs 3.49 and weighs in at 8MB.

Have a poke around some screens here.


Rutabaga 11 May 2009 11:29
Aaahh! I hope the game isn't as lazily put together as that screenshot. Who the flip is "Notts Forest" It should be Nottingham Forest or Nottm Forest. Don't get me started on "McGuga" & "Chamb". And Breckin at right back? Who are these jokers?
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