EA: Handhelds Can't Do Dead Space

Console sales figures revealed

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EA: Handhelds Can't Do Dead Space
Although Dead Space's upcoming move onto the Wii - thus proving that the game doesn't require 'Next Gen' grunt - a portable version of the game is unlikely.

While not entirely writing off a handheld version of the game, Glen Schofield, head of EA's newly-christened Visceral Games (formerly the Redwood Shores studio) said that portable systems couldn't handle crucial aspects of the game.

"If we could, maybe. I think part of the problem is all the major physics and the dismemberment, and things like that", said Schofield. "I want to stay true to the vision of Dead Space, and that is about dismemberment, zero G, and stuff like that. We'd have to make some compromises that I am not willing to make yet."

The DS, which yielded disappointing sales of GTA: Chinatown Wars, probably wouldn't be a great vehicle for a survival horror franchise like Dead Space anyway. That's not to say, however, that the PSP - which is gaining renewed hype and support at the moment - or the iPhone wouldn't make viable sales platforms for the game.

Schofield also revealed that the original version of Dead Space (reviewed here), which was released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC late last year, has sold 1.4 million copies - not a bad effort for a new property.

Source: GameSpot


SuperSaiyan4 6 May 2009 11:13
Probably one of the best games I have played on this gen, visuals are perfect, no bugs or glitches or frame rate issues. For me this game was a perfect 10/10 far better than Halo 3 thats for sure!
I am very tempted to purchase this game again and keep it I shouldnt have sold it in the first place.
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