Singularity: Environmentally Sound Video

Don't screw around with time!

Posted by Staff
In case you can't keep your eyes off that time machine you invented - the one that you gave to yourself five years from now/back in 2006 - stop! It always goes wrong. Activision Blizzard, along with Raven, plans to show you as much with Singularity.

To get that process moving along (in a temporal forwards direction... backwards? We're not even sure) SPOnG's got a couple of new videos. It shows off some gameplay footage and a couple of the environments you'll be able to muck around with your abilities in.

Tuck in!


majin dboy 29 Apr 2009 15:09
looks like a mix between second sight, bioshock and metroid.

looks promising.

as a matter of interest tim, just wondering see the adds on spong, obviously spong is recieving money for them, so u get more if they are clicked on?

if u want to send me an email about it rather than posting here that would be fine.

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