Confirmed: Bethesda Getting Wet

Culled Sierra title finds new home

Posted by Staff
SPOnG can confirm that Wet, A2M's grindhouse-styled acrobatic shooter, is (as rumoured) being published by Bethesda.

The two companies confirmed as much at Bethesda's London press event last week, embargoing the news until today.

The game was previously consigned to the special kind of gaming limbo reserved for games formerly set for publication by Sierra, only to be cast out when Activision Blizzard was formed.

While down in That London, Mark SPOnG took a look at Wet and had a chat with its lead designer, Ashraf Ismail. Keep your eyes open for more on that shortly.

Rumours started doing the rounds that Bethesda is publishing the game earlier when Famitsu reported the story and a retail listing popped up at GameFly.


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