Mickey Rourke is Demo Dick in Rogue Warrior

Team 6 founder finds his voice

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Bethesda has revealed that Mickey Rourke will lend his voice to Richard 'Demo Dick' Marcinko in its upcoming shooter, Rogue Warrior.

The involvement of Rourke (Sin City, The Wrestler) was confirmed at a press event down in London last week. SPOnG was on hand and can confirm that this involves Rourke doing a lot of swearing...

If the game doesn't ring any bells, that's because it's been away for a while. Bethesda showed off a build a few years back that was developed by Zombie Studios. As Pete Hines, VP of marketing and PR at Bethesda said at the event, however, ?We were not happy with the direction of where that project was (going) and decided to step back and re-evaluate and figure out what we wanted it to be.?

The company wanted more focus to be placed on Demo Dick, the game's real-life star. The solution to this, it turned out, was to take it to UK-based Rebellion. The game features Dick, founder of the elite SEAL Team 6, mixing up stealth and full-on assault in the Cold War. You can find out more about it in SPOnG's preview and interview with its senior producer, Sean Griffiths.

Hines noted that Bethesda got Demo Dick to read a few lines for the game. He said that while Marcinko is exactly the person you want to send in when you've got a terrorist situation on your hands, he's not necessarily the best person to play himself in a game.

?Mickey Rourke was our first choice to play Marcinko in Rogue Warrior?, uttered Todd Vaughn, executive producer of Rogue Warrior. ?He absolutely, one-hundred percent captures Marcinko?s raw and gritty personality.?


shayhulk 27 Apr 2009 21:09
I'm glad to see Mickey is doing well after his comeback. Good to hear of anyone that can be gone for awhile then pick up from where he left off.

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Thanks for the comment, but not for the spam.
Joji 27 Apr 2009 21:39
Yep, I too love to see a talent bounce back frm the brink. Great to see Mickey working again.

Now all we need is to get Winona Ryder some work. Lol.

This game sounds interesting, I'll keep an eye on it.
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