DJ Star Scratching onto DS as $6m Trial Goes On

Plus: $6 million already spent on Scratch

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DJ Star Scratching onto DS as $6m Trial Goes On
Koch Media has announced DJ Star, a DS game about... bugger it - if you need us to tell you, spare yourself the bother of reading the rest of this story and go learn how to wipe your bottom.

According to Koch the game will feature 40 "famous" tracks of Electro, R&B and assorted other genres.

As well as the main mode (for which Koch hasn't given details), there will be various mini-games and a "creation studio", which allows users to... well, create stuff. And save it. And swap it with friends via the DS's wireless functionality.

It's aimed at your novice scratcher, rather than seasoned deck fiddlers.

Elsewhere in the world of DJ gaming, the lawsuit between Genius and Activision Blizzard drags on. Court documents from the trial, in which it has so far been determined that Activision must return the source code for Scratch to Genius, have revealed that so far $6 million has been sunk into Scratch.

The long and complicated case has emerged as a result of Activision Blizzard buying 7 Studios, the developer behind Genius's Scratch. The result is a trial over the alleged misappropriation of trade secrets thanks to the development of DJ Hero.

You can read more about the latest developments in the case over on Gamasutra.


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