Emo Velvet Assassin: Feel the Pain

New video!

Posted by Staff
Back in World War II, when your grandma was growing her own potatoes and your granddad was crapping in a field somewhere in France, everyone was listening to emo over the wireless. Well-known factoid.

That's why South Peak and Replay Studios have decided to use Young by Hollywood Undead for the soundtrack to this latest video for Velvet Assassin. Obviously.

You can feel the angst of risking life and limb so that future generations can live in a world of Sky TV and fizzy pop by watching the video below.


Not Emo 8 Apr 2009 07:53
Not Emo. Rapcore, or Rap-Rock.

Still deeply evocative of the sacrifice those dead old men made so I can want M2. Cheers dead dudes!
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