Linux Console Rears Head Again

Linux and Amiga games?

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Linux Console Rears Head Again
Envizions - the company that brought us the $679.99 Evo in 2006 is now bringing us the 2009, Linux version of the console.

This one costs $380 and comes with Athlon 64x2 5600 CPU (clocked to 2.4GHz), an ATI HD 3200 graphics chipset, 2GB of DDR2 RAM, and a 120GB hard drive. It will use a version of Fedora called Mirrors, which says Engadget "can be upgraded to a beefier build named Mirrors Evolution X."

It also will feature a "cloud service stacked with Amiga (!) games and an Akimbo-based video service. Beyond that, proper titles will be sold online and on SD cards for around $20".

So, you can now add the Evo to Onlive and Zeebo to look out for in the console market.

Or not...



headcasephil 6 Apr 2009 13:20
would it just be easier to buy the pc components and build it you self put steam on it and when you feal that its out of date upgrade as iv just done some pricing up you could build your self a pc that is slightly better than the specks for 218.84 and you can get a linux distro for f/$k all
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