UK MP: Search Students for Violent Video Games

We wish it wasn't April 1st... this is true.

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Nick Gibb. Clever.
Nick Gibb. Clever.
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English Conservative MP Nick Gibb* seems to think that video games should be treated in a similar way to lethal weapons in schools.

Speaking in a debate on 'Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Bill', the politician states:

"...more things than items that could fall within a definition of an offensive weapon can cause harm. Some things may well, from what I heard of the Ministerís definition, it sounded as though she said 'things like poisons', fall within a definition of an offensive weapon, although it is not entirely clear to me as a layman.

"Items other than pornography could be harmful to children in schools, such as violent video games. Extreme violent video or computer games could well have been banned by the school and they could clearly cause harm, especially to young children. Teachers should be able to search for such things if children are suspected of having them in their possession."

Yes, we know it's April Fools Day... but this debate (which you can read in full here) happened on March 26th!

* Shadow Minister, Children, Schools and Families; Bognor Regis & Littlehampton, Conservative.


Joji 1 Apr 2009 15:01
If this is an April Fools, funny ha ha to you.

If true, its certainly an interesting and stupid idea. Seems like the government are stll into criminalising everyone. I don't see what good this is going to do.

And on what criteria do we decide, what classes as violent or not,just by looking at a game case?

Oi, teacher, leave them kids alone.
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