Black and White Dreamcast rattles the can?

More bad news for Dreamcast gamers

Posted by Staff
Black and White Dreamcast rattles the can?
Lionhead Studios has announced that its already legendary God game Black and White has been put on hold. The problems have arisen due to Sega stating that it no longer intends to publish the PC smash hit, which seems strange all things considered.

The last two games to come from Sega, at least in Europe, were Eighteen Wheeler American Pro Trucker and Sega Confidential Mission, both of which much be seen as having limited appeal. The two are breif arcade conversions and although they are both great games, surely they don’t present the sheer market grunt of a game like Black and White.

Lionhead director Mark Webley says, “We regret Sega's decision to reassess the future of its Dreamcast console... We have had some interest from other parties regarding the publishing rights to Black & White Dreamcast. So at the moment we consider this project to be 'on hold'.”

This leaves only the PlayStation version published by Midas Interactive as the only version of the game available for the home console market.

It’s just great being a Dreamcast gamer isn’t it. This may also throw doubt on several other games that are currently “on hold” for Dreamcast, not least of which is Half Life. It was thought that if Sierra opted to abondon publishing the title Sega might take up the reigns. But if Sega is turning down AAA titles like Black and White this could be under serious threat.


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