Warners Runs Ring Round Electronic Arts

This is what you do if you own the company...

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Warners Runs Ring Round Electronic Arts
Variety reports that, with its license deal for Lord of the Rings expired, Electronic Arts no longer has rights to Lord of the Rings. According to the report, "based on logic and what some sources have told me, expect Warner Bros to start producing Lord of the Rings games itself soon.."

The logic, of course, is based on the fact that New Line Cinema holds the movie rights to the books of the legend of the myths. Warner Brothers owns New Line Cinema. Warners also owns Mines of Moria developer, Turbine.

While we're here... Warner Brothers also owns the rights to the Harry Potter movies, the games of which are currently published... by Electronic Arts.



Earl 15 Mar 2009 17:30
Confused, you will be.

Give a s**t? I doubt it
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