Activision Blizzard and LucasArts Renew Vows

Distribution deal re-signed

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Activision Blizzard and LucasArts Renew Vows
LucasArts has renewed its distribution deal with Activision Blizzard, meaning that the great big consolidated publisher will continue to handle LucasArts titles in Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia.

The crown jewel of that deal for ActiBlizz is the enigmatic Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, which was finally announced to have a May 22nd release date for Wii, DS, PSP and PS2 last month.

The companies have done well together recently. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (reviewed here) sold 5.7 million worldwide - the best performance for a Star Wars game to date.

"We made the decision based upon Activisionís proven track record in managing strong brands and our long standing relationship which has produced tremendous results as games such as LEGO Indiana Jones and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed have risen to the top of sales charts globally", said Mary Bihr, VP of global publishing at LucasArts.

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