Midway: We Still Want Mortal Kombat

But there are parties interested in purchase

Posted by Staff
Despite the possibility that Midway will sell its key franchise, Mortal Kombat, the company has stated that it hopes to hold onto the property.

“It’s not our goal to sell Mortal Kombat", Midway spokesperson Geoff Mogilner said to MTV Multiplayer. “It is something that, in the world of scenarios, it is something that could happen here. But it’s not something that we as a company are going for.”

It became apparent that the sale of Mortal Kombat was a possibility to ease the troubled publisher's woes late last month. Documents emerged highlighting such a sale as a potential way to generate cash to keep top employees at their desks.

While selling Mortal Kombat might not be seen as an ideal solution by Midway, Mogilner was very clear that talks about the sale are happening. “There are conversations for certain. I can’t say whether this is something that would have happened otherwise. There’s definitely interest in Mortal Kombat. I’m not going to lie about that.”

Not too long ago, Midway filed for bankruptcy protection, while the company has secured a distribution deal for its upcoming Wheelman game with Ubisoft.


Joji 4 Mar 2009 17:21
Midway, you are dumb.

Mortal Kombat has had its time under you lot. If it won't crawl into a corner and die, the best you could do is sell it, and let someone else have a try, where Midway failed.

Maybe then we'll have some characters designed a lot better, and gameplay with some real creativity.

Sell this beat em up travesty, clear some of that debt, and get to work on some new fresh IP. Living on past shallow victories is what killed Midway. Stop clinging to that, and show us what you are really mad of.
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