Codemasters Fuels First Gameplay Footage

See it here!

Posted by Staff
Codemasters has released the first gameplay footage from Fuel, its upcoming open-world, off-road racer.

Describing said open world, Codies says this - "From the snow-capped mountains of Mount Rainier to the salt-plains of Utah and the Grand Canyon, FUELís unique environment, mapped using satellite data, is set to create the ultimate racing sandbox. Players will be able to take any route they choose at any time, on and off-road, across a game world that demands to be raced and explored."

Let's take another look at the stats for how much terrain is on offer, eh? According to Codies it has, "more than 100,000 miles (161,000+km) of tarmac, tracks and trails".

Fuel's developer, Asobo, grabbed a few headlines recently by taking a pop at MotorStorm. Read more here.



WoW Gold 14 Feb 2009 21:52
Looks good but I still think that nothing compares with my WoW! Do I get earn money in game like wow gold?

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Thanks for the comment, but not for the spam
Adrian 18 Feb 2009 19:15
Anything car or truck game put out by codemasters is good, and this game looks like it's going to be great!
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