Snowed Out DICE Game Revealed

No word on Army of Two sequel

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Battlefield: Bad Company
Battlefield: Bad Company
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It looks like EA's CEO, John Riccitiello, has confirmed that the game which would have been revealed at a snowed-off press event held by developer, DICE, in the UK on Monday. It is, in fact, the next Battlefield: Bad Company game.

In a third quarter earnings call Riccitiello said, "In Q4, Battlefield Bad Company will be back on consoles from our Dice Studio in Stockholm." Q4, to us users of the regular, Roman calendar, is January - March 2010.

An EA rep more-or-less confirmed that there would have been a "console-only" DICE game at the planned press event. After the EA event was snowed-off rumour and speculation got to flurrying around the Internet about whether the game would be a new Battlefield title or Mirror's Edge 2.

Also rumoured to be making an appearance at the event was a sequel to Army of Two, but no mention was made of it during the earnings call.

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