Ubisoft: I Am Alive - But Not Yet

New Red Steel, Ghost Recon Confirmed

Posted by Staff
Ubisoft has confirmed that two new titles are on the way for fiscal 2009-10. Top of the pile are new Ghost Recon and Red Steel titles.

The Ghost Recon title was mentioned in Ubisoft's earnings report, while the Red Steel game was a bit of a slip up on the part of Yves Guillemot, CEO of the company. "We have lots of products coming for the Wii next year; we have Red Steel.... Sorry, I mentioned a game that I wasn't supposed to mention", he said in a call to investors.

The report also stated that I Am Alive, it's upcoming new survival adventure title, "will require further development time and will now bolster the line-up for 2009-10". The latest Ubisoft release schedule had the title down for the first quarter of 2009.

The much-delayed Splinter Cell: Conviction was also named as a title in the 2009-10 line-up.

Also mentioned was Assassin's Creed 2, although this was already confirmed in a previous conference call with analysts back in November.


Joji 23 Jan 2009 20:02
Top stuff. I'm loving Ubi's line up. Finshed the superb GRAW and GRAW2. I find them better than the Rainbox Six games.

Very much looking forward to I Am Alive. I feel it could be one of the games of 09, if Assassin Creed 2 doesn't steal its thunder.

Red Steel 2 is good to see. While the original was panned by some, it still did some original stuff with its controls and for the FPS genre.

I also hope we'll get to see the impact of Ubisoft games in japan, through Square Enix.
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