Moral Watchdog "Disappointed" by MadWorld Classification

18 rating granted

Posted by Staff
John Beyer, the head of UK pressure group Mediawatch-UK, has told SPOnG that he is "disappointed" by the BBFC's decision to give SEGA's violent Wii title, MadWorld, an 18 rating.

"I'm disappointed but not surprised", Beyer told SPOnG. "I think my view is pretty well known. It's what I expected."

The well known view in question was Beyer's hope that the game would not be granted classification by the BBFC - making it illegal to sell it in the UK - despite not having actually played it.

At the time, Beyer told SPOnG, "Fortunately, there is enough information about it in the public domain to enable judgements to be formed. This is sufficient for anyone to express concern about the self proclaimed and stylised brutality the game contains.

"It will be up to the BBFC to grant or refuse a classification and whether or not they listen to our concerns or give in to the demands of the industry."

The 18 rating was granted by the BBFC today, with no cuts made. The consumer advice reads: "Contains very strong, stylised, bloody violence".

MadWorld's classification is sure to be greeted warmly by the hungry Nintendo hardcore.


YenRug 15 Jan 2009 16:40
I'm sorry, Mr Beyer, but you must be disappointed nearly all of the time, what with adults being legally allowed to make their own choices as to how to spend their spare time, rather than you deciding for them. Just think, all that horrible freedom of speech and human rights that you must have to cope with, day in, day out, life must be terrible for you.

I know, we'll get your mummy to get out your cotton wool blanket for you, make sure you're all wrapped up nice and cosy, safe from the real world. All those people in Israel and Gaza, they must be so grateful that someone like you is out there, trying to protect them from these awfully dangerous videogames that will put them at risk...
RedPig 15 Jan 2009 21:43
Coming in a week when a young man, barely out of childhood uses the defense of insanity (caused by playing Halo 3) when in an american court accused of murdering his mother and seriously injuring his father after they took his game off him. Are we mad!!! What sort of fantasies do the gamers who play these games have; what sort of horrors do they dream about or feed their sub concious minds on that may finally skip over to their percieved reality and do some real damage to the world the rest of us live in. This is the real world guys and kids get a hold of these games some how no matter how much parental control. I'm not saying ban these games but the console manufactures should be building in parental control to the machines and making sure it is clear to the parents how to use it.
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Kamryuoko 16 Jan 2009 07:29
RedPig THEY HAVE Parental Controls BUILT IN, welcome to the educated world. Read the frelling manual.

There just since your such a concerned parent and showed SUCH an interest in protecting your child to begin with that you read the manual and gave it a proper looking around the console itself.

Its all the manufacturers fault honest it is. :'(
tyrion 16 Jan 2009 08:56
Kamryuoko wrote:
RedPig THEY HAVE Parental Controls BUILT IN, welcome to the educated world. Read the frelling manual.

For mor information on using parental controls in modern consoles and PCs, check out ELSPA's Ask About Games site.
Joji 16 Jan 2009 13:17
Well, this is a major coup for Sega and Platinum. I hope the game sells really well.

Red Pig, its unfortunate that there are still uneducated folk like you out there. Its no use blaming the developers and publishers, as they always do their part. Its no brainer 'I don't care, don't tell me how to raise my child' parents that are the real problem, because they are caught in the bear trap of ' as a parent, I am all knowing oracle of life and never wrong'.

Its an adult themed Wii game, come to shatter your comfy illusion, that Wii is family friendly and you no like it. Go Mad World, strike a blow for the hardcore crowd, and kudos to the BBFC for seeing sense for once.

Should be interesting to see, if Wii sales dip or climb, around MW's release.

Colin 16 Jan 2009 13:25
UK is almost the most censored nation in EU for videos allowed only for adults.
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