XBLA Fave UNO Comes to WiiWare, DSiWare, PSN

XBLA version no longer alone

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XBLA Fave UNO Comes to WiiWare, DSiWare, PSN
Gameloft has announced that it has put its metaphorical hands on a worldwide, multi-year licensing agreement for Mattel's UNO and plans to develop and publish it for everything that ever saw a microchip. Namely - WiiWare, DSi Ware, mobile phones and the PlayStation Network (for both PS3 and PSP).

These versions will join an iPhone and iPod version that's already out. 'But wait!' we hear you cry. 'It will also be joining the massively popular, still-in-Microsoft's-top-5-Live-games-two-years-after-release XBLA version!' Well... kinda sorta. That version was actually developed by Carbonated Games and published by Microsoft. But, frankly, who cares? People love it because it's UNO and are unlikely to give a flying monkey who has developed and published it.

The new videogame versions of UNO will be out some time in 2009.


SuperSaiyan4 9 Jan 2009 11:33
UNO Rush was supposed to hit the marketplace on the 360 near end December 08 yet no news or anything about when its coming out.
Tim any chance you could please look into what happend to UNO rush to whether it will still be release and or when?
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