Silicon Knights Vice President Quits

Seeking new challenges is all too human

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Silicon Knights Vice President Quits
Too Human developer, Silicon Knights, has lost its vice-president of finance. Rob DePetris, the VP of F at the Canadian development house behind the critically confusing Xbox 360 exclusive, Too Human is apparently "just looking for something different".

The Niagra Falls Review has it that "He did not discuss any other reasons for his decision to leave Silicon Knights."

For its part, the company has released a statement announcing a replacement for DePetris (a chap called Mike Mays) and stated, "Mike will continue working closely with Denis Dyack (president) to drive the company into 2009 and beyond. Mike will help usher in a New Year of continual growth for Silicon Knights, the games industry in Ontario and the Niagara Region."

So, Silicon Knights continues...

Read our interview with SK's president, Denis Dyack here.


SuperSaiyan4 29 Dec 2008 12:05
Too Human was such a bad game I begrudgingly purchased it new sealed in the sale some time ago and didnt even open it and took it back for a refund.
I tried the game out over my mates house and it looked and played damn awful.

Shame on silicon knights to bring out something soo boring and crap.
Too Human 1 Feb 2009 00:16
Too Human was and is a great game i have over 200hrs of game play on it. You have no idea what Too Human is.
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