Miyamoto: Wii Music not Global Yet

Plus: what's next for control schemes?

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Miyamoto: Wii Music not Global Yet
Games guru and Nintendo idea factory, Shigeru Miyamoto, has made a strange admission – he doesn't think Wii Music has an immediate and universal appeal.

Discussing Wii Music, which is not performing as well in terms of sales as Nintendo might like, Miyamoto said, “My hope is of course that a gradually increasing number of people will get access to Wii Music and understand its fun nature. I really don’t think that it will have the immediate and universal appeal around the world at all [laughs].”

This comes from the man who has spearheaded Nintendo's push into the casual market in which immediate appeal is paramount. If you've been following the UK All Formats Charts you'll know that Wii Music's performance, while not terrible (and steadily climbing), has been less than stellar.

While Miyamoto may have admitted that Wii Music isn't setting the world on fire, he thinks the game is misunderstood by the games press and still has a pretty lofty goal for the title. “I really appreciate that the gaming media has a different view of anything as new as Wii Music today – it’s (sic) simply symbolises how different and unique Wii Music is”, he said. “To tell the truth, I have this big ambition for Wii Music, that it can eventually be something very influential so that it might be able to influence what music means in the world.”

Talking about upcoming projects, Miyamoto reiterated his July message for the hardcore. “Until the time that I am in a position to tell you the next subject, we can only confirm that we are working on the next Mario and the next Zelda, etc”, he uttered.

He also had a few words to say on what the future may hold for Nintendo and control interfaces. “Of course, if I were to say that we were going to change the interface right away in the next generation, the people who have been learning to work with these controllers would be upset”, he said. “But I would think that somewhere down the road you might find a way to make an even more intuitive type of interface that might make it even easier for people to interact with videogames.

“I think that at some point in the future we’ll probably see some type of change.”

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