Space Invaders Attack Wii's Virtual Console

Plus: Metal Slug 2, Forgotten Worlds

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Space Invaders Attack Wii's Virtual Console
In case you had a calendar malfunction this morning ? it's Friday. For the Nintendo faithful, that means there's brand-spanking new (totally old-skool) downloadable content to be had, courtesy of Virtual Console on the Wii. This week we have Space Invaders, Metal Slug 2 and Forgotten Worlds.

So, Space Invaders ? suffixed 'The Original Game' ? first released in this incarnation on the SNES. There's not a lot to add to that. If you don't know how it works then you clearly stumbled onto this gaming website via drunken mistake while shopping for meat grinders. All we'll say is that this release features different versions of the original such as the upright cabinet or the original black and white display and that it has a versus mode for two players. It'll cost you 800 Wii Points.

Next up is Metal Slug 2, originally released on the Neo Geo by SNK. It's side-scrolling military action. Players have to take out Morden's re-mobilised rebellion, while dodging poison mummy gas lest they also succumb to mummification. The game offers single and two-player modes. It does so for 900 Wii Points.

Finally, we have Forgotten Worlds. Originally for the Mega Drive, this SEGA title was an early pioneer of 360 degree shooting. It sticks you in the 29th Century as a Nameless One ? a flying superhuman in charge of, you know, saving the world. From aliens. Because that sort of thing needs doing from time to time. It'll cost you 800 Wii Points.

This week's titles put the Virtual Console total up to 265.


config 28 Nov 2008 13:22
I remember really looking forward to Forgotten Worlds on my C64.

When I got it home and loaded it up (from cassette, kids. That was like a little box with a long ribbon of plastic inside it - with moving parts. lol) and got playing, I was so utterly disappointed - it was truly crap.

Ignore the roster of awards on the pack art - it was yet another US Gold shovelware arcade port abomination (USGSWAPA)
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