Codemasters Confirms Colin McRae: DiRT 2

Late racing legend to get another gaming outing

Posted by Staff
Codemasters has said that it will release a sequel to DiRT, the off-road racing title that carries the name of the late Colin McRae.

The sequel will extend beyond the platforms of the original (PC, PS3 and Xbox 360), also appearing on the Wii, DS and PSP. No PS2 version has been announced. The game will be built using the enhanced EGO engine last seen in the enjoyable Race Driver: GRID, complete with a few tweaks.

McRae, the famed namesake of the series, died in a tragic helicopter accident in September last year. So, what drove Codemasters to produce another title bearing his name? DiRT 2's executive producer, Gavin Raeburn, said, "The decision was made jointly between Codemasters and the McRae family. His ventures into events such as the X-Games, Dakar Rally and the Race of Champions have inspired us to look at events covering the extremes of off-road motorsport.

"This is where we're taking the series with DiRT 2 and Colin will play a part in that. DiRT 2 will be a great tribute, and we'll be revealing more about this over the coming months."

You can read a SPOnG interview with McRae, run in tribute to the legend, here.

DiRT 2 will focus on numerous disciplines from the world of off-road racing, with Codies saying it will offer online multi-player across each of them. The publisher is also promising a 'progressive reward system' and community features, although fuller details have not been provided.

The game is set to launch at some point in 2009, although no more specific date has been offered.


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