First Xbox 360 Avatar Game in the Wild

Cute ain't it?

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First Xbox 360 Avatar Game in the Wild
Well, we've updated (or is it upgraded, we're not sure yet) our New Xbox Experience (NXE), created our skeleton-faced avatar and are having jolly fun trying to work out what's what - while fighting our natural nostalgia for blades.

What comes along? A game that apparently enables you to use your avatar within its gameplaying fineness. Apparently it's the first one to do so.

It comes from NinjaBee, it's called A Kingdom for Keflings. You get to "use your customized Avatar in the game to personally build your kingdom and boss around the tiny Keflings."

We're told that "Players can use the new, customizable Avatar system to create a unique Avatar that looks the way they want and reflects their individual personality. These custom characters can instantly be put to work in the game interacting with Keflings, building buildings, collecting resources and even doing some custom animations like scaring the Keflings away, dancing, posing, and pointing and laughing. Xbox LIVE Avatars can be personalized through a wide variety of apparel and accessories that will be updated every two weeks and available for free. Your custom Avatar can be shared with friends, used to chat with people in LIVE Party, and can even star as the main character in certain games, such as A Kingdom for Keflings."

"A Kingdom for Keflings allows players to create a kingdom according to their own play style," said Steve Taylor, President of NinjaBee. "It was designed from the start to be a customizable experience. With the addition of Xbox LIVE Avatars, players can now further tailor their experience by putting themselves into the game. Avatar characters can do everything the built-in giants can do, but they look even better doing it."

A Kingdom for Keflings will cost you 800 Microsoft Points from Xbox Live Marketplace.


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