Call of Duty Xbox 360 Beta Open to All

Well, all Xbox 360 owners

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Call of Duty Xbox 360 Beta Open to All
Beware! Activision's much anticipated Call of Duty: World at War has now been opened to all Xbox 360 owners via Xbox Live Marketplace. Previously it was the preserve of those hardcore CoDders who had registered. Just to be certain that it is open to all-comers, we are told, "Note: there are NO longer tokens required to download this Beta. Itís openly available to everyone!"

Yes, as Activision points out, "Battle-hardened Xbox 360 Multiplayer Beta vets will now have more to rejoice over - newbie players to own on the battlefield!" Nice.

Directions to download the public Xbox 360 Multiplayer Beta:

Go to Xbox Live Marketplace
Find Call of Duty: World at War in either the "New Releases," "Games," or "Demos" section of Xbox Live Marketplace
Click on CoD: World at War and you will see the Multiplayer Beta available

More info here.


SuperSaiyan4 5 Nov 2008 14:50
Gotta love the 360 ;-)
PreciousRoi 5 Nov 2008 19:44

CoD5 is just CoD4 reskinned.

If you like unbalanced gameplay, superpowers, then this is the game for you.
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