Bourne Writer Confirmed for Army of Two Flick

Hollywood runs out of ideas?

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Bourne Writer Confirmed for Army of Two Flick
We mentioned in passing this morning that Electronic Arts was going to be working on a movie of Army of Two. Well, the company has now confirmed that not only is the project green-lighted (green-lit?) with Universal Studios but that a writer has been appointed.

The scribe in question is Scott Z. Burns who is responsible for the not better than James Bond (oh, it is) Bourne Ultimatum. According to IMDB he was also the producer on Al Gore's eco-scary An Inconvenient Truth, so we might get more than usual video game as terrible movie outing.

Working with Burns is producer Scott Stuber (currently producing Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) whose credits include You, Me and Dupree and The Kingdom. Everybody, as you would expect is either thrilled or excited to be working on the project.

Also, it would appear that it's going to be more than a one-off, Donna Langley, President of Production at Universal Pictures saying that, "we're glad to be working with Electronic Arts on making this hit game into a film franchise".

A 'franchise', eh? Expect Army of Three very soon.


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