Video Games Make England Footy Star Theo Great

See kids... they are good for you.

Posted by Staff
A year ago almost to the day, Portsmouth FC manager Harry Redknapp opined that "It seems football cannot compete with an Xbox." Well, apparently, not Harry. Certainly not if you believe Chelsea and England injury star, John Terry.

The centre-back and national captain has spoken about boy wonder (Arsenal sensation), Theo Walcott. Theo, you may recall, recently scored a hat-trick against the mighty Croatia in a the World Cup qualifiers. Well, Terry says, "We coaxed him out by playing on the computer around the hotel. We got him playing on it with us.

"It?s the little things like that which get younger lads out of their shell and it has shown in his performances."

The Blue defender is, however, quoted in UK news-rag, The Daily Star, which also points out that, "The England squad often try out their match tactics on games like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer and Theo has become a gaming wizard."

But it is The Star...


Joji 15 Oct 2008 14:06
And why not? Its a good form of entertainment, and good for planning tactics. Not a bad thing to do at half time, if you are stuck losing.
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