Banjo Kajooie XBLA Leak Explained

Didn't come from us says Rare.

Posted by Staff
Banjo Kajooie XBLA Leak Explained
A video of what appears to be genuine footage of the Xbox Live Arcade cut of Banjo Kazooie has appeared on that video sharing site, the name of which escapes us. You can see its grainy, blurriness below - it's entitled, "Banjo-Kazooie On Xbox360 pre release, Fun shit".

So, is it real and did Rare put it there? We asked Rare. After laughing in our face for a few seconds and responding, "Fun. Shit? C'mon! No, it did not come from us", Rare's community manager, explained where the footage could have come from.

"It was probably somebody with access to PartnerNet. I would have thought there would have been provisions provided to prevent this from this happening. The chances are that somebody in Microsoft knows who posted it."

In case you're unaware, PartnerNet is, as its name suggests developer/tester network (aka, 'Developer Xbox Live') used for game testing - and in some cases, abused for leaking footage onto the Internet - so that we can show you it below.

We then, as we had to, obviously pressed George on (following a recent Guardian interview) whether Rare would be making a "Let's Hunt and Kill Peter Moore" game in the near future.

There was, as you'd expect, some laughter and a polite "No comment".



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