New Nintendo DS Bundles Coming for Christmas

But how will retailers price them?

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New Nintendo DS Bundles Coming for Christmas
The run-up to Christmas would seem to be upon us, with Nintendo announcing a fresh batch of official DS bundles in a bid to get its hardware under the "The Holidays" tree or log or whatever.

First up we have a Brain Training bundle, including either a black or white DS with the game thrown in. That one will set you back £120. If Dr Kawashima doesn't do it for you but you want to flex your brain muscle you can get a bundle complete with Big Brain Academy and a red piece of DS hardware (again at £120).

For dog lovers, there's a bundle that comes complete with Nintendogs (of the Labrador and Friends variety) and a pink DS. For the culinarily-challenged, there's a bundle that includes Cooking Guide: Canít Decide What To Eat? and a blue DS. Both those bundles weigh in at £130.

According to Nintendo, the bundles will be available "from October".

So there you have it. Of course, if you prefer you can get bundles of similar value from the likes of GAME or GameStation. Hopefully the fact that retailers already offer such bundles mean that the official versions will weigh in at less than the above RRPs once they actually land at retail.


deleted 18 Sep 2008 13:46
why make a bundle that is same price as items seperate?
mrAnthony 18 Sep 2008 18:39
because parents dont realise this, but will see that the game comes with it, so will look like a nice present.
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