Activision's New Music Game in Development

Guitar Hero Localizers bought

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Activision's New Music Game in Development
As well as expanding its internal development regiment with the acquisition of UK-based Freestyle Games, Activision Blizzard is working on a new - Rock Band competing - music project.

According to information received, Leamington Spa-based FreeStyle is currently, "developing localized downloadable content for the Guitar Hero franchise, as well as a yet to be announced new, intellectual property in the music genre."

FreeStyle itself states, "As of today FreeStyleGames will become part of Activision and join their illustrious list of internal development studios.

"One of the key drivers in our decision to sell to Activision is their independent studio model. This means that we retain our name, brand, identity and culture. Life goes on very much as it was and everything that people love about FreeStyleGames will stay the same."

The deal apparently ensures that:

* FreeStyleGames keeps it?s name, identity and culture.

* All current projects continue and become even more important to FreeStyleGames and Activision.

* We can begin to leverage Activision?s experience, infrastructure and support to deliver on the games we have in development.

* FreeStyleGames retain creative control, continue to run the studio and have the opportunity to continue to achieve our own ambitious targets.

* We can accelerate our recruitment plans for both the Leamington and London studios.

It would also appear that Freestyle is looking to expand its Brighton offices for the new project, as it tells us, "We?re on the look out for strong and ambitious candidates to join our new & expanding Brighton studio. With the opportunity to work on both Guitar Hero and our unannounced original IP, we?re keen to hear from anyone with over 2 years of experience in any area of development, including art, animation, programming, production & midi-design. Please contact us via the jobs link and attach an up to date CV."

So, good news there then.

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