If Camp Batman Designed a Spore Creature...

Plus: Spore and intergalactic fascism

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If Camp Batman Designed a Spore Creature...
Ever wonder what might happen if your favourite celebrity, or even one you've never heard of before, designed their own alien creature? Yeah, it never really occurred to SPOnG, either. But Electronic Arts is giving you the opportunity to find out nonetheless - and we will need to see what Adam West, history's campest Batman, comes up with.

The publisher has targeted 50 "creative celebrities" from pop culture and gaming for godhood. It plans to launch a website showing what craziness they come up with. Highlights from the list include the aforementioned Adam West, Carlos Santana, Mario Lopez (AC Slater from Saved by the Bell!), Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch!), Stan Lee (godfather of the Marvel Comics universe) and, of course, Will Wright. Wright's creature had better be damn good...

SPOnG also has a video of the space stage in Spore showing how the game can turn you into a fascist. As Kip Katsarelis, producer on Spore, talks us through intergalactic expansionism he tells us, "You might come across a creature that, you're just, like, 'that thing's ugly, I need to destroy it'". Yup, it's the start of the first of the Great Aesthetics Wars that eventually lead to the death of mankind.

You can see the video below and the full list of celebrities designing Spore creatures below that. As ever, you can get the latest Spore news and screens over on SPOnG's dedicated game page.

Adam West
Andrew WK
Benjamin McKenzie
Bijou Phillips
Breckin Meyer
Brian Eno
Carlos Santana
Christopher Titus
Cole Sprouse & Dylan Sprouse
David Arquette
David Lynch
Drac Studios
Elijah Wood
Emeril Lagasse
Flight of the Conchords
Greg Grunberg
Hal Sparks
John Aboud
Margaret Cho
Mario Lopez
Melissa Joan Hart
Stan Lee
Stephen Colletti
Steve Aoki
Joey Fatone
Alex Greenwald
Chad Michael Murray
Jaime King
Jason Ritter
Katy Perry
Masi Oka
Michelle Pesce
Neil Patrick Harris
Sal Masekela
Will Wright
Zachary Levi
Alex Albrecht
Alex Bogusky
Brian Cecente
Charlene Li
Craig Newmark
Curt Schilling
Eric Nakamura
Gary Vaynerchuk
Geoff Keighley
Jay Aldeson
Joel Johnson
Kent Nichols
Kevin Rose
Mark Cuban
Michael Arrington
Philip DeFRanco
Richard Branson
Robert Scoble
Scott Beale
Veronica Belmont


schnide 3 Sep 2008 09:22
SPOnG wrote:
Yup, it's the start of the first of the Great Aesthetics Wars that eventually lead to the death of mankind.

Oh don't start that again, we've got enough of that in the Kaplan thread!
deleted 3 Sep 2008 10:15
Why did this remind me of Kevin Smith and a scene from clerks where Dante & Randal Discuss Self Felatio???

maybe its will wright and his love for cock looking monsters?
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