Warhammer: Battle March Website Goes Live

Orcfest gets web presence

Posted by Staff
Word has just come from Deep Silver and Namco Bandai that the website for Warhammer: Battle March is now live.

The website contains all the news, screen shots, concept art and community stuff you would expect, pictures of scantily-clad fantasy chicks that could kill you with their vaginas included.

Battle March, if you haven't come across it, is a re-packaging of PC RTS, Mark of Chaos, for the Xbox 360, complete with brand-spanking new content. The new content is also bound for the PC as an expansion pack. Deep Silver promises that the Battle March will come complete with "all-new features, intuitive control schemes and support for online play via Xbox LIVE online game service". There will also be orcs. Lots of orcs. Lots and lots and lots.

And cos-play?

You can find out more on SPOnG's dedicated game page. You can find the new website here.


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