Ex-Nintendo VP Kaplan: Ban Sex for Lazy Parents

Plus: ban sex for lazy parents!

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Ex-Nintendo VP Kaplan: Ban Sex for Lazy Parents
Former Nintendo vice president of marketing, Perrin Kaplan, has announced her return to video gaming by demanding that bad parents don't have sex.

Kaplan said at the panel, "Parents who use video games as a babysitter shouldn't have sex to begin with." Huzzah! Quite what her views are on those who use games as a babysitter but conceived through IVF or adoption are unclear.

The call came as Kaplan (harbinger of death for the GameCube) said that she plans to come back to gaming.

Speaking at a panel on sex and violence in games at the Penny Arcade Expo (her appearance at which alone indicates her continued interest in the industry) Kaplan said, "I have not left the gaming industry for good. I love it."

Kaplan left Nintendo last June along with other senior management apparently dissatisfied with relocation from Seattle to San Francisco and New York.

She has since set up her own company, Zebra Partners. Exactly what that company does is unclear, with its website carrying notification that it is "undergoing some changes". The one useful scrap of information it does carry is the legend, "Obsessed with Connecting Brands and Consumers". Given that and Kaplan's former role, some kind of marketing looks like a good bet for the nature of the company's activities.

Kaplan will reportedly bring games under her new company's umbrella when her non-compete clause with Nintendo ends in December.

Source: Wired


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