Time for Bed but No Stoners for Wii

Like, gold man, solid gold.

Posted by Staff
The hearts of those of a certain age - or a certain predilection for taking psychotropic drugs and watching vintage DVDs - will swell at the news that Serge Danot's The Magic Roundabout TV show is to return to video game screens.

First seen as a video game on the Spectrum back in 1984, the TV show is certainly cultish among those with a desperate need to return to the safety and comfort of a more innocent age rather than crashing into mid-life crisis: the Evil Editor is literally weeping with anticipation at the thought of Deep Silver (via Koch Media) and its forthcoming Wii, DS and PC versions.

Deep Silver promises that "the magician Zebedee (catchphrase "Time for bed" - usually said to Florence), the shaggy dog Dougal, Florence the adorable girl, Ermintrude, the pink cow with red spots, and many more" will appear. What we want to know is, where are 'The Boys'? This was the gang that Florence used to hang-out with like some kind of moll.

And where the bloody hell is Dylan the stoned rabbit?

Because if the guitar playing, stoner bunny isn't included, we are calling "Political Correctness Gone Mad" on this game right here and right now.

The Magic Roundabout will be released for Nintendo DS, Wii and PC in the fourth quarter of 2008.


schnide 12 Aug 2008 10:29
Well, I can't wait for this one. No, literally.
deleted 12 Aug 2008 21:46
If this game doesnt have some sortof hot coffee hack involving Wii mote, Rolling, Rizlas and Large Amounts of Botanical based Ingrediants then that will be just fine,

but still...
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king skins 12 Aug 2008 22:12
Dougal was such a coke fiend!

I have a vinyl of Dougel and the blue cat :)
Tim Smith 12 Aug 2008 22:44
king skins wrote:
Dougal was such a coke fiend!

I have a vinyl of Dougel and the blue cat :)

Digitise and upload it immediately.

Cheers and gold man. Solid gold.

djdoubt03 14 Aug 2008 04:43
never heard of it

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