Top 10 Reader Voted Games: August 7th

What are you looking at, eh?

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MotorFuel and all that funky schizzle.
MotorFuel and all that funky schizzle.
SPOnG's readers are an eclectic group of individuals when it comes to the game pages they visit - and therefore vote for. In the last week they would also appear to be largely platform agnostic. Actually they would appear to be generation agnostic as well.

One platform holder, however, that doesn't get a look-in to the Top 10 is Microsoft. Although FUEL gets a PC mention, the Xbox version is sadly dismissed. Obviously, FUEL's mention is related the our news story regarding a possible new Codemaster's driving/action game codenamed, Fuel. This story derived from our Mark's interview with gaming guru, Chris Deering.

The rest of the chart appears to be made up of people interested in some American so-called 'football' game...

Don't forget that this Reader Chart is fluid, changing by the hour depending on how many game page visits are made by readers. Unlike a sales chart, the SPOnG Reader Top 10 reflects interest in games that were, games that are and games that... are yet to come.

SPOnG's Reader Voted Game Top 10
01) Mystery Mansion - DS
02) Madden NFL 09 - PSP
03) Madden NFL 09 - DS
04) Madden NFL 09 - PS2
05) FUEL - PC
06) SoulCalibur IV - PS3
07) Fallout 3 - PC
08) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - PS2
09) Wolfenstein - PS3
10) Puzzler Collection - PSP

Platform Mentions in the Top 10
Nintendo DS = 2
PC = 2
Sony PlayStation 3 = 2
Sony PlayStation 2 = 2
Sony PlayStation Portable = 2


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