Now the Wii Wants Your Blood Pressure

What next? A snogging machine

Posted by Staff
We often said how much we love our pals at the US Patent Office, and we're saying it again. This time we've been to look at a Wii controller add-on that reads and displays your blood pressure. It appears that Mr Kent Hsu has seen the fad for Wiis and health and he likes it so much, he's jumping on board - literally we'd hope.

His idea is for a wrist-band like add on that could be used to measure, "pulse and body temperature of a user playing a video game on the video game console, and a rotation counter for counting the number of rotations of the main body; a control unit mounted in the recess; a band including two second measurement devices for measuring blood pressure and pulse respectively by wrapping the band around the wrist; and a cable interconnecting the main body and the band. Blood pressure, pulse, and body temperature values are shown the display while playing."

This looks a little more hardcore (health-wise) than Shigeru Miyamoto's plan for Wii Fit. Shiggy pointed out in February this year that, "I donít think Wii Fitís purpose is to make you fit; what itís actually aiming to do is make you aware of your body".

We now await the Wii controller that will make you a grilled steak sandwich.

See the USPO page for Kent's invention here.


Mark 25 Jul 2008 10:12
Looks like Kent Hsu has a history of filing patents that don't go anywhere. He's not affiliated with Nintendo either. See the article here from Metue. It checks out a couple of Hsu's other filings and who he is affiliated with. it is toward the end of this article

The proper patent filing in the article is wrong too. The correct link is here for those who want to read it first hand.
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