E3: DC Universe Online Unleashed!

Trailer right here!

Posted by Staff
At its E3 keynote yesterday Sony took a few minutes to show off its rarely-seen DC Universe Online MMO. Mark SPOnG nearly fell off his chair and threatened to burn down the SPOnG underwater castle if we didn't show you the footage. We weren't quite sure how he hoped to achieve that, given the castle's natural wetness, but he spoke with conviction - so here it is.

Jim Lee, editorial director of DC Comics' WildStorm imprint and executive creative director of DCU Online, made an appearance on stage (complete with press-up), telling us that the game will give players the opportunity to fight either alongside or against legendary icons such as Batman and Superman. Strangely, he didn't mention other legendary icons such as Booster Gold or Blue Beetle, but we hope they'll make an appearance. This isn't a moderately multi-player online game, after all...

Mark SPOnG tells us you can see the influence of Mr Lee, who made his name as one of comics' most influential artists, all over characters such as the Joker and Batman. Take a look for yourself and tell us what you think.



krank 20 Jul 2008 21:41
Erh... Looks like City of Heroes with a slight graphics upgrade and the unneccessary addition of some proprietary DC superheroes...

Nah, I'll pass.
nin 5 Jan 2009 17:40
its gonna be better than coh.coh coulda been good but the devolopers screwed it up come to think of it the new x box game champions online is made by them haha.any who this game will have loot and instances so we will see it should rock
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