E3: Spore - Polytheism versus Monotheism

New video!

Posted by Staff
Earlier today SPOnG told you how Will Wright compared the collective users of the Spore Creature Creator to God. He was expressing a form of polytheism. Below, SPOnG has a Spore video that ascribes to a monotheistic view, comparing the single gamer to Him (that's God, not the Finnish rock band with goth leanings).

As far as this video's concerned, you're the guiding force behind Intelligent Design. Or, as SPOnG has found in some of its dalliances with the Creature Creator, not-so-Intelligent Design. We suspect that this particular Spore theological school of thought may run into trouble at the point where gamers start sharing their creatures online, however.

Which camp do you fall into? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.



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