Mortal Kombat vs DC - Catwoman Gets snaked

Screens galor

Posted by Staff
The E3 screen deluge has begun, with Midway offering up these images torn straight from Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.

Frankly, the guys at Midway seem to have it in for Catwoman. The screens mostly seem to be about her being smacked about in her skin-tight leather costume with the knee-high boots and the zip that goes right down the front...

Sorry, we got distracted. Anyway, SPOnG's particularly perturbed by the screen showing Scorpion reaching out to her with his long snakey snake thing. Is Midway going to make no attempt to tone this one down for the kids. We know it's an MK game, but it has Superman in it, for Krypton's sake.

Anyway, tuck in!


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