US Army Sergeant Gets Sarcastic about... America's Army

God damn civilians and there words!

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What is your major malfunction?!
What is your major malfunction?!
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Sergeant First Class John Hammond can't understand why some do-gooder like Loaves and Fishes volunteer Michele Naar-Obed would be upset about the America's Army video game being used to recruit youngsters to go and fight.

The game is to make an appearance at an air show in Duluth. Mr Naar-Obed (you may have guessed that he volunteers for a Christian organisation) is upset because he thinks it's "just insane that they would use this kind of venue to train our youth to kill people."

It seems that Sarge Hammond does not suffer fools of any religious persuasion. His response was, well, to the point, "It's kind of curious that some people would object to a virtual army experience game when the central draw to the Duluth Air Show is the Blue Angels who are flying F-18 Super Hornet strike aircraft, which last time I checked, was a military weapon."

Like the idea of American's Army or not (we don't) you've got to admire the straightforward logic. It's good to see there's some left in the military.

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schnide 10 Jul 2008 10:33
I recently came back from my first trip to the States and was pleased to find that most of the stereotypical images of the country were greatly exaggerated. They are some of the friendliest people I've ever met and understandably proud of their country.

The only time I had a jaw-dropping "only in America" moment was queueing in line at a theme park. On the video screens designed to entertain both you and much younger generations for the sometimes two-hour wait was a cycle of adverts for the park, upcoming TV shows and.. marine recruitment videos.
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