Metal Slug 7 to Hit DS in the States

More slugs and guns coming soon

Posted by Staff
Ignition has confirmed that Metal Slug 7, developed by SNK, will hit the US this fall (or 'autumn' if you speak proper English).

The latest game in the long-running, much-loved series will be out on the DS. It continues the escapades of Marco, Tarma, Eri, Fiolina, Clark and Ralph as they take on General Morden's forces in old school side scrolling, shooty-shooty style.

We're promised new weapons, bosses, slugs and game-play modes to sweeten the pot.

"Truth be told, I have a pink DS and was embarrassed to play it in public. Now with Metal Slug 7 loaded, I have no qualms", uttered Ajay Chadha, president of Ignition Entertainment. "Needless to say, and in all seriousness, we are very excited to announce our partnership with SNK Playmore USA to give both core and casual gamers a whole new insight into the unique, all-action, eye-popping world that is Metal Slug."

No UK date has been confirmed for the title yet, but with an American release planned it seems veeeerrrry likely that one will come. For more on the game check out SPOnG's dedicated page.


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