FIFA 09 on Wii to Get New 'All-Play' Treatment

New 'Wii-specific' line-up unveiled

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FIFA 09 on Wii to Get New 'All-Play' Treatment
Electronic Arts has revealed a new brand to slot into its EA Sports label. The brand carries the name 'All Play' and will feature what EA is calling "Wii-specific" titles.

We'll let EA Sports' president, Peter Moore, tell you a little about it, "The Wii platform and the Wii consumer are looking for a very unique sports experience”, he said. “We’re excited to take four of our most popular franchises and develop them from the ground up exclusively for the Wii, with unique controls, unique presentation, unique modes and even unique packaging.

"Whether you’re an EA Sports veteran or a rookie gamer, EA Sports All-Play levels the playing field and delivers a fresh new gaming experience.”

The games in question are FIFA 09 All-Play, Madden NFL 09 All-Play, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09 All-Play and NBA LIVE 09 All-Play. The most interesting to those of us on the proper side of the Atlantic, of course, is FIFA 09. Here's how EA describes it - "Step onto the pitch and play a unique soccer experience exclusively for the Wii. Enjoy FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play one of two ways—a Wii-specific take on the classic ‘11 vs. 11’ simulation or over-the-top ‘8 vs. 8’ arcade action.

"Play with your Mii alongside your heroes Ronaldinho, Wayne Rooney and other soccer stars created as customized characters in an arcade version of the beautiful game. Steal the ball and make outrageous shots by simply waving your Wii Remote. You’ve never played soccer like this before! Plus, play Footii Party Games called Table Soccer and Boot It for more great fun with family and friends."

Just how different it will be from FIFA 08 with its 'Family Play' remains to be seen. You can see what EA has planned for the other titles here.

It was mentioned this week that EA may begin shipping peripherals with its sports games. The company seems to be determined to break from its tradition of yearly rehashes of its franchises.


jwstacey 27 Jun 2008 13:43
Screw the wendyball, lets have a NHL game for the Wii. C'mon EA Canada, get your fingers out of your collective arses.
Andronix 27 Jun 2008 14:01
the beautiful game is not called soccer.
It's called FOOTBALL.
TimSpong 27 Jun 2008 15:48
Andronix wrote:
the beautiful game is not called soccer.
It's called FOOTBALL.

It's called both depending on where you are in the world (or if you were at Oxford University in the 1880s and wanted to use an coarse abbreviation of Association to differentiate Rugby Football from Association Football).

When in Sydney I called it soccer to differentiate it from Rugby League and make myself understood. When I came back to England, I called it football again.

Easy really.


Tim who has been going to the soccer-ball kicking since his first game in 1975 at The Dell in Sou'v'ampton.
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