Bleach: Dark Souls Confirmed for Europe

More manga goodness on the DS

Posted by Staff
SEGA has confirmed that it will release Treasure's Bleach: Dark Souls for the DS in Europe.

The game is scheduled for release early next year on these shores. Dark Souls is the sequel to last year's Bleach: The Blade of Fate. Both are based on the Bleach manga and anime. If you want an idea of how popular the series is - there's a musical based on it. We're not even kidding?.

If you haven't come across the games before, it's essentially a furious action game (with swords!) that follows in the style of its source material. The new game features an expanded cast of 40 characters, including Rukia, Kon and Hero Ichigo, as well as letting players take on the role of Evil Hallows for the first time.

There are also new Bankai moves, Spirit Cards, multi-player customisation options... we could go on, but you should probably just check out SPOnG's dedicated game page instead.

?Seriously, we're not. Check out the official website.


David Armstrong 20 Jun 2008 10:39
I see it but I don't believe it: Rock Musical Bleach!
Joji 20 Jun 2008 13:18
These DS are worthy of anyones time, but are poorly advertised.

Go buy them.
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