Codemasters Darlings Get Real Life Medals

Honour descends on UK video games pioneers

Posted by Staff
Back in the 1980s some older SPOnG found himself, whoops, themselves burned up inside by jealousy for two young code masters, Richard and David Darling (not so much, Dad Jim) and their creating video games out of thin air. Games such as The Last V8, Dizzy's Treasure Island and, of course, BMX Simulator came out of their minds (and fingers) in a way unachievable for mortals.

So, it's with some glee that we realise that they had to wait more than 20 years before being awarded the CBE (Commander of the British Empire - surely a Richard Garriott game?). Sure, they've got Ferraris and have made and sold their company Codemasters for a healthy profit.

Certainly their endeavour and general passion for games makes it a damned fine choice to award them gongs for 'services to the computer games industry' - to be honest, their CBEs should have been awarded for 'services to the United Kingdom's industry as a whole - as well as to its cultural life", but who are we to doubt her Queen Highness the Gordon of Brown?

So, congratulations to the Darlings and we don't harbour even the slightest of jealousy from our youths... much.


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