Konami Rock Revolution Devs Come Out

Plus: a bold new art style for

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Zoe? She's on Zoe Mode's website, anyway
Zoe? She's on Zoe Mode's website, anyway
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UK developer, ZoŽ Mode, which has worked on the SingStar and EyeToy games for Sony, has stepped up and claimed responsibility for development on Rock Revolution, Konami's upcoming drum-centric rhythm game.

ZoŽ Mode says that the game is being "Developed in close collaboration with Konami". That includes Bemani, which developed DrumMania and Guitar Freaks, released last century (1999), years before Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Here's what ZoŽ Mode's studio head, Ed Daly, has to say about how chuffed the developer is - ďWe are delighted to be working with Konami and the BEMANI team who invented the genre. In addition to introducing a number of genre defining features that will soon be announced, we are also working hard to deliver a drumming experience balanced so that beginners, experts and everyone in between can have a blast rocking out to their favourite tracksĒ.

Having worked on the aforementioned SingStar franchise, the British developer ticks at least one box in the list of ideal credentials for working on Rock Revolution.

Since ZoŽ Mode tells us, "Rock Revolution also boasts a stunning contemporary art style that breaks from the rock pastiche seen in competing titles", SPOnG thought we had also better show you these two screens so you can see how the studio's claim stacks up.

For more details on Rock Revolution, head this way.


Joji 16 Jun 2008 17:32
I hope there's more to RR than the videos i've seen. Otherwise there will be more sales for Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I'm glad Konami have woken up to the challenge.
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