Metal Gear Solid 4 Street Date Broken

Somewhere in the world...

Posted by Staff
Picture posted by Paul-H-UK
Picture posted by Paul-H-UK
Somewhere out there someone has broken the worldwide street date for Metal Gear Solid 4.

Posts have appeared from a gamer going by the name of Paul-H-UK who claims to have a copy of the game in his possession and has photos to prove it. He's posted numerous pictures over in the official PlayStation Forums of the game in various states of undress, including images of it playing on a TV.

Quite where the game came from is something of a mystery. Paul-H-UK says he got it from eBay. From the packaging it appears to be an Australian copy, carrying an Australian MA 15+ label.

Whatever the origins of the copy, however, it looks like someone somewhere has broken the worldwide release date of June 12th.

You can see more pictures over on the PlayStation Forum.


SuperSaiyan4 4 Jun 2008 15:44
Looks like he got the game from Australia on ebay from what I read on the PS forum, have to say that ingame screen shot is stunning am very impressed on the visual detail of MGS 4 no expense seems to have been spared from the textures and details being used even if the game uses as extortionate 50gb of space!
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