Good Cop, Bad Cop

We know how we'll be playing this game, die innocent suspect.

Posted by Staff
Revolution software is bound to stir up the moral debate once again with their new game “Good Cop, Bad cop”. This 3D action game allows players to make their own judgement calls in circumstances of moral dilemma.

Using a state of the art graphics engine, Revolution Software has created an alternative world with ‘real’ characters and situations. You assume the role of Kellman, a cop consumed with thoughts of vengeance. The prime suspect in the case you’re on turns out to be the man that killed Kellman’s father 25 years ago. The incentive to bring this man to justice couldn’t be more apparent. Expect to see dramatic rooftop chases and lethal shoot-outs in public places.

Charles Cecil, managing director of Revolution says, “We’re primarily interested in challenging the morals of the player. The most violent option within the game will certainly appeal to many; but Good Cop Bad Cop will present the consequences of those actions in a dark and mature way. We believe players will soon feel uncomfortable playing Good Cop Bad Cop because of the things you might end up doing. By testing players’ emotions on top of their reactions we’ve come up with an extremely unique gameplay experience.”

Good Cop, Bad Cop is scheduled for release in the second half of 2002 on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC.


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