Fallout and Descent for Download - Murder Death Kill!

History is reinvented... somehow.

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Murder Death Kill your mother!
Murder Death Kill your mother!
Ted Turner's (or rather Warner Bros) digital download system and Valve competitor, GameTap, has signed up more of Interplay's 'legacy' titles so that we can all wallow in lovely nostalgia without having to go down to the shops or rip them off file-sharing sites. Huzza!

Joining old SPOnG favourite, Earthworm Jim, comes Mothers’ Day Kisses or Murder Death Kill - better known as MDK. It will be accompanied by the original Fallout and Descent. Fortunately for all history fans, no matter where your broadband connection is, the distribution rights are global.

We will now enable Hervé Caen, Interplay's CEO to fall out of normal speech and make his descent into CorporoBS with, “This licensing deal is a good example of how Interplay is leveraging its library of intellectual properties.

"The company will continue to either reinvent some of those properties by developing them into new versions or sequels, or by partnering with an existing leader like GameTap, where the original titles can live on."

Yes, you can indeed reinvent something by making the original of it live on. We don't know how, but you've got to believe a CEO. Still, Herv' gets this week's prize for best nonsense.


schnide 3 Jun 2008 12:50
I liked MDK..

Didn't have a design document, according to Dave Perry..

Sorry, you were expecting Shakespeare?
TimSpong 3 Jun 2008 13:32
schnide wrote:
Sorry, you were expecting Shakespeare?

Not posting on this thread, no. Maybe the Marquis de Sade?


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