London Security Breached by Video Game Launch Shocker!

London traffic comes to a halt as helmeted raiders terrorise innocent shoppers??

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Traffic jaming, queue jumping helmet-wearing race driving bastards!
Traffic jaming, queue jumping helmet-wearing race driving bastards!
London's Oxford Street was apparently gridlocked as helmeted raiders crashed their way into a major store for a video games launch today.

Apparently, "Six deluxe supercars drew the attention of huge crowds on a packed London street this morning... The six professional drivers in their full racing garb brought traffic to a standstill as they leapt out of their supercars just so that they could grab a copy of the game (Racedriver: Grid) on launch day, despite the risk of their cars being towed away."

There cars were not towed however - it appears that the Metropolitan Police are simply too slow to spot six supercars on Oxford Street on a Friday morning. How did these drivers - risking their cars - get their hands on the games though?

"Pushing past the queues, the race drivers picked up a copy of the game..."

Why on earth would they inconvenience, even bully, members of the general public like this? Why did no one stop them? Could this same ram-raiding approach soon become common in the streets of the UK's biggest city?

We hope not, but there is more! "Their motivation was to experience for themselves what critics have been dubbing the most realistic racing experience yet seen in a video game. With game and console in hand, the mysterious race drivers briefly stopped for photographs with the stunned crowds gathered around their vehicles before jumping back into their supercars and roaring off down Tottenham Court Road."

Bloody hell! So, a set of 'mysterious' supercar owners wanting to get copies of a video game ground the London traffic to a halt, bundled past the actual gamers, grabbed copies of the game and then sped off without being arrested? And they did this - at risk to their motors? - in order to experience the realism of a video game? Makes you wonder why they bother being supercar drivers really.

Try as you might to find this terrifying tale in the latest police reports and you won't. Is it an enormous cover up? Or is it that the information came in a totally OTT piece of marketing?

Could a PR company simply have hired six cars and drivers and informed the authorities? Could the hired drivers have parked up nicely with no risk and no jamming of London's usually 'free-flowing' traffic? Were there a bunch of marketing folk on hand to make sure that no cars were ever 'at risk of towing'? Were the drivers then escorted into a games shop, where they were given copies of the game? Did they then walk out again and drive home?

If not, then it's time for someone to review the war against terror as well as the efficiency of the Metropolitan Police.

Were you in London this morning? Was your morning totally screwed by having to wait in traffic? Were you in the queue? Were you pushed past? Tell us in the Forum.


Daz 30 May 2008 17:38
stupid londoners, I wouldn't have let them push by me
Joji 1 Jun 2008 15:38
I wonder if the drivers chugged and stuttered their way there and back? LOL!
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deleted 2 Jun 2008 09:25
I wonder if these hired drivers actually own a console?
DoctorDee 2 Jun 2008 16:07
I wonder if the BBC is at all happy about one of the "drivers" being all dressed up as (Some say his wee is pure WD40) The Stig.
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