Silicon Knights Nervous about Too Human: Still Blames Epic

August release causing jitters

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Silicon Knights Nervous about Too Human: Still Blames Epic
Xbox 360-exclusive, Too Human's August release is playing on Silicon Knights president and founder Denis Dyack nerves. Poor initial previews are apparently the cause. But these, he insists were down to the Epic engine initially used in the demos. Silicon Knights is, of course, suing Epic.

Talking to his local newspaper, The Welland Tribune in Ontario Canada, Dyack pointed out that "Too Human being successful would be the equivalent of several GM contracts coming into the city." Those plans include upping staffing levels from the current 180 to 1,500 staff. So, not much riding on one game then.

Dyack is more than aware of this, stating "If Too Human is perceived for what it is, and people look at it, I think it will do extremely well."

He then gets an upside from the poor previews (and maybe a stab as the recent Haze release from Free Radical), saying, "We're in a really strange position, because most games are released with a ton of hype. Generally, previews don't say anything negative at all."

180 staff to 1,500 or Zero? Making games is indeed big business with big risk.

See our poor initial preview from May 2005 right here - and note that final paragraph.

Source: Welland Tribune


Captain Chaos 29 May 2008 16:37
fed up of hearing about this game - get it out and let the public decide
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